railroadlibrary.org gets a makeover

After months of collaboration by our volunteers, we are pleased to launch the new Martin F. O’Rourke Memorial Railroad Library Web Site:  https://www.railroadlibrary.org web site. The web site, like everything else with the Martin F’ O’Rourke Library, was designed, created, and implemented by our all volunteer Library Committee. The effort was led by Jim Lilly, primary designer, who was helped by Mary Ries and Scarlett Wirt.  Bob Bitzer and Alex Mayes contributed photos, and the whole committee provided input to make the site better.  The site replaces the original one launched in 2007 when the Library opened, and has a much more modern and bright look and feel. And if you’ve not been to the site lately the entire catalog for the Library is on-line now.