General Trip Information

As a part of our mission of promoting knowledge of railroads and their history, DCNRHS sponsors a series of trips, tours, events, and excursions through the course of the year. These fun-filled informative jaunts visit points of rail interest locally, within the region, and occasionally beyond. The preferred mode of transportation is always by rail when possible. 


DCNRHS has operated a successful rail travel program since 1951. All trips are escorted by experienced DCNRHS members.


Past trips have visited Union Station, Metro’s facilities in Washington, D.C., historical railroad sites in Alexandria, Virginia, surveys of the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad in Maryland and West Virginia, Amtrak’s Northeast Corridor Dispatching Facility in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Amtrak’s Bear, Delaware Car Repair Shops, Steamtown National Historic Site in Scranton, Pennsylvania, a Trolley Tour of Philadelphia, and Conrail’s Shops in Juniata, Pennsylvania. These types of trips range from one-half day jaunts to weekend motor coach adventures.


The Chapter’s 1923 Pullman Car, the DOVER HARBOR, figures prominently in another facet of the trips and tours offered. These trips include one day runs to New York City and Williamsburg, Virginia as well as weekend package tours to destinations such as Boston, Charleston, South Carolina, Savannah, Georgia. Other longer trips include Denver, Chicago, New Orleans, and just about anywhere in the Amtrak system. 


The Chapter also owns and operates two 1949 former Pennsylvania Railroad coaches, the Franklin Inn and the Collinsville Inn.


Full chartered train excursions are also offered on occasion. Destinations  in recent years have included Cumberland, Maryland, Thurmont, Maryland, Harrisburg, and Pennsylvania. All excursions are staffed by Chapter members serving as car hosts, first-class stewards, and other service personnel to ensure a safe and enjoyable trip for every passenger.

These trips, tours, events, and excursions are open to the public. To receive notices for them as they are announced, please sign up on our mailing list.