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NOTICE: Membership Purchase/Member Discount Trip Purchase Delay

If you have just purchased a membership in order to purchase our trips or tours at the member discounted rates, please be aware that the member discounted fares are not immediately available to you. Your membership records must be incorporated into our reservations system, a process which normally takes seven to ten days. You may contact our trip/tour reservations team at and ask that this process be expedited. After your request, usually within forty-eight hours, we will have you added to the system and will notify you when you will be able to successfully purchase trips at the reduced member fares. We apologize for the inconvenience.

This section of our web site provides information about the trips we offer, including a list of upcoming trips, a sign-up form for our free e-mail mailing list to notify you about upcoming trips, and a section of general information. Be sure to click on the triangle next to the Travel with Us Item to see the sub-menu or use the list below:

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In February 2022 we hope to announce our spring and summer 2022 trip schedule so we can offer more great trips like our sold out

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General Conditions

Tours, trips, excursions, and events (also referred to as an “Activity” or “Activities”) are offered by The National Railway Historical Society, Washington, D.C. Chapter, Inc. (DCNRHS) to DCNRHS members and the public subject to these General Conditions, as well as any specific conditions applicable to each Activity. The specific conditions for a particular Activity may also modify these General Conditions. By making a reservation, a participant agrees to have read, understood, and be bound by these General Conditions and the specific conditions applicable to that Activity.

Payment may be made by check or money order payable to the “Washington, DC Chapter NRHS”: or by MasterCard or VISA credit card (ONLY). Unless otherwise noted in the specific conditions for a particular offering, full payment is required for each reservation at the time the reservation is made. Reservations will be confirmed by DCNRHS upon receipt of payment. Complete details and any necessary travel documents will be sent approximately ten (10) days prior to the date of the Activity.

A $35 fee will be assessed for each check returned for insufficient funds.

DCNRHS may use third-party on-line reservation services. Please note that any fees charged by these services are in addition to the fares charged by DCNRHS for the Activity.

Reservations are not transferable and may not be resold without the prior written consent of DCNRHS.

Generally, reservations are non-refundable after the date specified in the specific conditions for that Activity (“No-Refund Date”). Refunds for reservations canceled prior to the No-Refund Date may be subject to a cancellation/refund processing fee which will be deducted from the refund. Requests for cancellation of a reservation must be made in writing to the reservations agent.

DCNRHS reserves the right to cancel any Activity for any reason. In the unlikely event of a cancellation, a full refund will be made for each reservation without further obligation on the part of DCNRHS.

DCNRHS may make alterations without notice to any Activity, including changing or substituting schedules, routes, hotels, or transportation equipment as DCNRHS deems necessary or desirable. DCNRHS reserves the right to provide a full or partial refund, or a credit voucher for future use if, in the sole discretion of DCNRHS, the altered tour is not equivalent.

Refunds will be issued to the person who made the reservation. A refund may be in the form of a check, or in the case of credit card transactions, refunds may, at the option of DCNRHS, be issued as a credit to the account used for the original charge or paid by check and mailed to the person who made the reservation.

By making a reservation, a participant agrees that DCNRHS is not responsible for any delays, late arrivals, changes in trip itineraries, missed connections, loss of business or other opportunities, re-routings, or detours required or caused by any railroad or transportation service, canceled or annulled trains, mechanical failures or Acts of God. In the event of a delay, disruption, or termination of an Activity, DCNRHS shall have no obligation to provide additional en route accommodations, meals, or continuing or alternate transportation to any destination or return to the point of origin.

DCNRHS is not a common carrier. Activities offered by DCNRHS are not common carriage.

The National Railway Historical Society, Washington, D.C. Chapter, Inc. (DCNRHS) and its representatives act only as agents for the passengers with respect to the transportation, accommodations, and other services included in each Activity, including transportation by rail, motor coach, automobile, steamship, or plane; as well as food and dining services, hotel accommodations, sightseeing tours, and other similar services included in the Activity. DCNRHS is not liable for any injury, delay, loss, or damage from any cause whatsoever from these conveyances, accommodations, and other facilities and activities or with respect to any other cause beyond the immediate control of the DCNRHS.

DOVER HARBOR arrives at Williamsburg, VA during the April 17, 2010 Tidewater Traveler
*Video by Richard Clark