Safety Rules Archive

September 2021

Rule 95. When large numbers of inexperienced men are working on the track, they should be divided into small squads, and each squad placed in charge of an experienced man, and all necessary additions precautions taken to prevent accident.

The Washington Terminal Company, Safety Rules for the Guidance of Employees, Effective February 1, 1934

August 2021

Rule 40. Injectors on locomotives must not be started at places where anyone is liable to be scalded, and water must not be allowed to overflow from engines at station platforms. 
The Washington Terminal Company, Safety Rules for the Guidance of Employees, Effective February 1, 1934.

July 2021

Rule 256. Conductors report to and receive their instructions from the Train Master. 
Rule 257. They must report for duty thirty minutes before leaving time and when necessary, assist in the switching and making up of their trains. 
Grand Trunk Railway System, Operating Rules and General Regulations effective June 18, 1911.

June 2021

Rule  169.  (b)  “Attend  to  lightning, warming,  ventilation,  cleaning  and supplying of cars, and to closing of car doors;  provide  for  the  comfort  and safety of passengers; see that they are directed to the proper cars, that seats are  provided,  and  that  women, children  and  infirm  persons  are assisted;  protect  them  against rudeness,  threatened  violence, abusive  or  obscene  language,  or annoyance  from  intoxicated  or quarrelsome persons.“ 
Northern Pacific Rules and Regulations effective June 1, 1899.

May 2021

Rule 2. You will look your engine and tender over thoroughly at the end of each trip. You will be held responsible for the condition of the ash pan and smoke stack, and will see that they are in good order, so as to prevent the escape of fire, that would be liable to endanger the train or property upon the line of the road. 
Rule 6. You will in no case allow the furnace door to be opened for the purpose of regulating the steam, but will, in all cases see that the damper is used for that purpose; as running with the furnace door open is very injurious to the tubes, and liable to set fires along the road. 
Rule 10. You will in no case be allowed to carry more than 125 pounds of steam. 
Source: Rules and Regulations to be observed by Locomotive Engineers in the employ of the Central Pacific Railroad Company March 1874. Written by A. J. Stevens, General Master Mechanic.

April 2021

Rule 15. The explosion of one torpedo is a signal to stop; the explosion of two not more than 200 and not less than 100 feet apart is a signal to reduce speed and look out for a stop signal.
Torpedoes must not be placed near stations or public crossings, not where persons are liable to be injured by them.

Grand Trunk Railway System Effective June 18, 1911.