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January 21, 2022 7:30 PM (EST)On-line ProgramAuto Train: The Perfect StormLove to travel by train. The concept of an auto ferry passenger train seemed simple when Eugene Garfield began putting his Auto-Train together. Most observers cannot understand how it failed. There has been no shortage of Monday morning quarterbacks who suggested possible changes that possibly could have saved the service. Some observers question why, with its success after being resurrected by Amtrak, similar operations have not been attempted. By examining and understanding the original concept, many of those queries can be answered. Join Doug Riddell as he looks at the original Auto-Train and its successor, the Amtrak Auto Train.Free and open to the public.Register here.
February 27, 2022 7:40 PMOn-line ProgramHobo GraffitiNewspapers, hobo memoirs, and the passage of time has created a mystique about signs hobos left to communicate with each other. Join us as Charlie Wray of the Historic Graffiti Society explores stories of the symbols passed from one hobo to the next, the written monikers left by legendary hoboes, and whether, after decades of their research, the Hobo Code is fact or fiction.Free and open to the public.Register here starting on/about February 1st.

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Safety Rule of the Month

January 2022

Rule 40: Injectors on locomotives must not be started at places where anyone is liable to be scalded, and water must not be allowed to overflow from engines at station platforms.

Source: The Washington Terminal Company, Safety Rules, Effective February 1, 1934.

Historic 1923 Pullman on the mainlines of America at Mableton, Georgia
Travel a Legend: Pullman Dover Harbor

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The Martin F. O'Rourke Memorial Railroad Library

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