May 2021

Rule 2. You will look your engine and tender over thoroughly at the end of each trip. You will be held responsible for the condition of the ash pan and smoke stack, and will see that they are in good order, so as to prevent the escape of fire, that would be liable to endanger the train or property upon the line of the road. 
Rule 6. You will in no case allow the furnace door to be opened for the purpose of regulating the steam, but will, in all cases see that the damper is used for that purpose; as running with the furnace door open is very injurious to the tubes, and liable to set fires along the road. 
Rule 10. You will in no case be allowed to carry more than 125 pounds of steam. 
Source: Rules and Regulations to be observed by Locomotive Engineers in the employ of the Central Pacific Railroad Company March 1874. Written by A. J. Stevens, General Master Mechanic.